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In this post you can find a short summary about Jenny Bolton and her Boost Your Bust program which can give you a general picture on how this program was created and how it supposed to help you to grow bigger breasts naturally.

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Is it possible to increase your breast cup size without having to spend 1000’s of dollars on breast enlargement surgery? Jenny Bolton claims that she has a clear answer for this question.

Having grown with a low self-esteem, Jenny recounts how embarrassing was to have a small cup size. She was constantly teased and jeered for it. This fueled a passion in her to look for a way to get a bigger cup size. She shied away from surgical methods and looked for alternative methods.

Jenny Bolton looked for diets, massages and exercises that could do this comfortably. She soon hit the jackpot with a combination of natural methods that helped her move from an A cup size to a B. She then amazingly moved from a B size to a C. sound realistic?

Well, Jenny Bolton didn’t stop there and after few years she created a program named “Boost Your Bust” which was based on what she had found to be helpful for her.
We must admit, having a small cup sizes can be really demoralizing since breasts are one thing a woman should naturally have.
Bigger cup sizes are attractive to the opposite sex and are designed to be so. With smaller cup sizes, a lot is left to be desired and this also leads to a low self esteem and make the life much harder for many women.

Of course, there is always the option to go for a breast enlargement surgery, however this is only for those that can afford it. Jenny Bolton was aware to this fact and this is probably the main reason that leads her to create her Boost Your Bust program.

So, how does this program work?

Jenny Bolton has produced a 57 page manual that goes into details explaining what helps breasts grow and how they can be enhanced.

The research by Jenny Bolton is based on estrogen. This is a female hormone that is known to enhance female features. This hormone can be found in natural foods and products, a fact Jenny found out.
When the estrogen is suppressed, female organs are also suppressed. This is probably why transvestites are treated with estrogen injections.

Based on her research Jenny Bolton created a natural formula that does not involve any pain. She has combined her discovery with exercises that target the pectoral muscles. These muscles are known to hold and support the breasts and with the right guided massage that relaxes the muscles it is possible to get a much bigger cup size naturally. These massages are outlined and explained step by step inside the Boost Your Bust manual.

The second part of the formula is based mainly on the right diet and in her Boost Your Bust guide Jenny Bolton explains exactly what are the most effective foods for making your breasts grow naturally.

The last part of Jenny Bolton’s formula is based on creams from natural ingredients which can be made at home and should be used to enhance the cup size. These creams have been created with specific natural ingredients for the purpose of dealing with the muscles and also increasing the estrogen levels.
The best part is that they have no side effects since they are all natural.

Overall, All the methods that Jenny Bolton has proposed and written about inside the Boost Your Bust book can be done in the comfort of your home without the need to spend a lot of money. This is with no doubt one solution that can help many women who want to make their breasts bigger but don’t have the money to do it by surgery.

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